International students

Welcome to Vivare’s part of the website for international students in Arnhem!

Vivare is a housing association that provides housing for all kinds of target groups. One of those target groups is you, the international student. Since 1997 Vivare provides furnished housing for international students. The rooms are reserved for students of Arnhem Business School and HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Only international students of Arnhem Business School can apply for a room through internet. If you are going to study at HAN University of Applied Sciences, you will have to contact school.

If you are attending Arnhem Business School, click here for information about the procedure and the application form.

The rooms differ in price, size and location in Arnhem. What all our rooms have in common is that they are furnished with a bed, desk, chairs, wardrobe, curtains and carpet. Vivare does not provide pillows, sheets and covers or quilts. The kitchens are soberly equipped with a stove, refrigerator and dustbin.

For more information about the different types of housing and/or your application, please choose an option from the menu on the left.

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